The problem of homeless animals appears to be one of the most serious present-day problems in cities. The main reason for the problem is that some people show irresponsible behavior when they first take pets but then put them out of a house. Such a behavior led to the appearance of animal homelessness. However, society can’t remain indifferent to those animals which have lost or even never had home. For this reason, organizations like the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services started to appear all over the United States. The ACS San Antonio operation illustrates what the work of such organization should be, and that’s why we will review its work and explain what the organization does.

ACS San Antonio importance for community

This organization is the largest municipal shelter that admits homeless animals located in South Texas. It works for the benefit of the entire community of San Antonio. Apart from providing a shelter to homeless animals, this animal care organization provides many services and launches various programs aimed at making pet owners more responsible. In addition, they carry out explanatory work on how to handle pets. To understand what the importance of this organization is, we should review various services it provides.

Services provided by ACS San Antonio

ACS San Antonio provides different services. The professionals working in the organization strive to do everything to make the living of animals and their owners as comfortable as possible.

Pet adoption

The Animal Care Services of San Antonio delivers many different services for the residents of this area. If you are going to have a pet, why don’t you consider adopting a one? This organization gives such an opportunity. Adopting a pet is a good deed. The shelter of the organization is regularly refilled with new animals that don’t have or even never had an owner. Those animals of course don’t feel in a shelter as comfortable as they could felt at home. You can always find a cat or a dog in the shelter and adopt it.

Pet search

Many people consider the pets as their friends, and losing a friend is very painful. Sometimes, even living in a city, you can lose your pet, especially a dog that can run away and get lost. But you should not fall into despair. Finding a pet is possible, and such organizations can help in it. This animal care service has a wealth of experience in the field of pet search. Their specialists know how to do it and where to find your pet. Besides, their mission is to prevent the appearance of new homeless animals, so they will be more very motivated to complete this work effectively and timely. You should visit the shelter on a regular basis and you may find your lost pet there once.

Owner surrender

People can’t predict everything. Sometimes they take pets but then give up this idea and look for a possibility to get rid of the animal. While such irresponsible behavior is harmful for the entire community, sometimes is happens. To prevent the situation when an animal is simply left somewhere in the city, the owner surrender service is offered. Although the organization already has many animals in the shelter, they won’t refuse to take in another one, if they have free space, because it would be much better for the community. However, they also explain people that it is necessary to be responsible towards animals, and, before applying to the shelter to surrender a pet, try to find a new home for an animal.

Overpopulation control

It’s not surprising that overpopulation of animals is one of the most widespread reasons why homeless animals appear in a city. For this reason, responsible organizations should carry out control over overpopulation. ACS San Antonio provides several services to ensure that uncontrolled animals won’t appear.
For instance, they offer neuter or spay services for the animals which belong to the residents of some areas. Spaying female pets and neutering male pets provides some additional benefits. After undergoing these medical procedures, pets will be less amenable to some diseases therefore they will live longer and healthier life. The other additional factors in favor of using these services are that your pet won’t roam away from home in search of a mate and that the behavior of a pet will become better.

Animal control and enforcement

Unfortunately, some people don’t treat their animals in a proper way. Sometimes they treat them cruelly or even injure animals. On the other hand, some pets may have mental issues or various diseases which cause them to harm their owners. ACS San Antonio deals with such problems too, helping both animals and their owners if it is necessary.
Rabies is a very serious problem that must be prevented. According to the Texas law, every animal’s bite must be reported. After someone applies with such a report, the animal care service will carry out an investigation aimed at finding the reason for a bite and dealing with the problem.
Animal cruelty has many different forms. While beaten animals can be noticed and reported quite easily, those that are not fed by their owners should be considered as the victims of animal cruelty as well. This animal care service company has developed an effective system of cooperation with concerned people who may notice the acts of animal cruelty and report them.

Affordability of services

Every pet owner knows that animal care can be really costly. While care for pets is a responsibility of an owner, San Antonio ACS encourages people to adopt pets and contributes greatly in making pets more affordable to people.
Among the low cost services provided by the organization, there are vaccinations, microchipping, spay and neuter services and pet pantry. If you need something of these, you can always ask for the help of this organization and they will do everything they can.
Sometimes pet owners really need support. The modern life is costly. However, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid adopting a pet which can become a true friend of yours. Every pet owner should definitely be able to combine his own responsibility for the pet and an eagerness to ask for help if he fails to solve the problem on his own. The work of such foundations like ACS San Antonio proves that the people who can help are always there for you.
Taking into account everything mentioned above, we can make some substantial conclusions. First off, the problem of homeless animals definitely should be addressed. It is unlikely to be solved with no professional aid. However, fortunately such entities like the San Antonio Care Services are already there and they deal with this problem successfully. The environment of San Antonio is very positive in terms of animal care and treatment. For this reason, the experience of San Antonio ACS should be adopted across the country.